How to buy Chinese electric vehicles?

Buying a Chinese EV: Local Dealer vs. Chinese Exporter

Local Dealer:


  • Convenience: Easy purchase process with local support and test drives.
  • Security: Established reputation and warranty services.
  • Peace of mind: No need to handle import logistics or customs clearance.


  • Limited options: Only limited models available in your country of limited brands.
  • Higher price:  Inevitable heavy markups for local channel and services added to the price.
  • Less control: May not be able to customize or negotiate the purchase.

Chinese Exporter:


  • Wider range: Access to all models of all brands and configurations.
  • Lower price: Same prices of the Chinese EV market.
  • More control: Ability to negotiate the purchase and customize the vehicle basing on the actual needs and amounts.


  • Complexity: Requires managing import logistics, customs clearance, and registration.
  • Risk of scams: Need to carefully choose a reputable and experienced exporter like Advencar.
  • Limited support: May not have access to local warranty services or repairs while EVs have much less repairs than traditional fuel vehicles.

Decision Factors:

  • Priority: Convenience and support vs. wider options and lower price.
  • Experience: Comfort level with handling import processes.
  • Budget: Willingness to invest time and effort for potentially lower price.


  • First-time buyers: Local dealer for convenience and peace of mind.
  • Experienced buyers: Chinese exporter for cost savings and wider options.

Remember: Thoroughly research and choose a reputable seller, eg, Advencar, before making a decision.

BTW, these Chinese brand manufacturers don't know export directly to markets without established sales channels due to limited export focus, regulatory hurdles, lack of dealer network, service and support challenges, brand strategy, etc.

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