About Us

At Advencar, we aim to drive sustainability and circularity through promoting used auto ownership. By extending vehicle lifecycles, the pre-owned market reduces resource use, waste and emissions associated with manufacturing new models. We provide the platform to maximize existing assets, lower environmental impact and progress towards a circular economy.

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To realize this vision, Advencar operates China’s leading used car trading platform focused on overseas buyers. Here, international buyers can access tens of thousands of listings across major domestic brands and complete purchases remotely. Our team manages inspections, payments, shipping and customs to ensure satisfaction.

With roots in China and reach worldwide, Advencar aggregates the most extensive used car selection available to global customers. Our bilingual specialists offer continuous guidance and support throughout each purchase.

We continuously refine our services with the customer experience at the core. By upholding vehicle quality, simplifying processes and ensuring fair pricing, we make buying Chinese used cars effortless for overseas buyers.

Start your Chinese used car journey with us today! Our capabilities and commitment enable an exemplary purchasing experience.

Adventure where you need to be with Advencar!