New Released EV: XIAOMI SU7

The 1st dream car from XIAOMI was released by XIAOMI founder Lei Jun, 3 years after Lei announced XIAOMI's vehicle dream. While the prices are not confirmed yet, let's have a look over this SU7, combining Tesla Model S and Porsche Panamera 

xiaomi new EV Su7

This elegant and eye-catching new EV would be the 1st dream car for all new generation of XIAOMI Fans.

xioami new EV SU7

Seeing from the sideview, it's so perfectly shaped with amazing Cd0.195, same level of these super cars. 2.78s(0-100km/h) gives you the exactly super car speed. 33.3m(100-0km/h) braking distance secures your safety as priority.

xioami new EV SU7

The rear light is made of 360 units of ultra-red LED, making your lighting dynamic and outstanding.

unique door of xiaomi su7

The semi-submersible door handle solves the problem at winter when you cant cant open the door easily.

  • And there are some other features too:
  • Hyper Engine @ 27,200 rpm( the highest now)
  • 800V charging system powering 1200+km mileage
  • Hyper Casting @9100T
  • smart driving @ xiaomi pilot
  • smart seating

Contact Advencar right now if you are interested in distributing XIAOMI SU7 over your area




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