What Does It Mean for a Car with 46.06% Thermal Efficiency???

What Does It Mean for a Car with 46.06% Thermal Efficiency???

IT MEANS 2.9L/100KM--1ST CAR to Break into 2L/100KM

IT MEANS +2000KM RANGE --1ST CAR to Break up 2000KM 

May 29, 2024, Shenzhen, China—BYD (Build Your Dreams) announced that its latest model equipped with the 5th generation DM-i (Dual Mode intelligent) system has achieved a remarkable thermal efficiency of 46.06%, allowing it to reach a theoretical range of 2241 kilometers and a tested range exceeding 2100 kilometers. This makes it the first fuel vehicle to surpass a 2000-kilometer range. This groundbreaking achievement highlights BYD’s leadership in hybrid technology and sets a new benchmark for the automotive industry.

BYD QIN L DM-i (5th Gen)


BYD SEAL 06 DM-i (5th Gen)

Fuel Efficiency Revolution Brought by High Thermal Efficiency

The core of BYD’s 5th generation DM-i system lies in its 46.06% thermal efficiency. This technological breakthrough has reduced the vehicle’s fuel consumption to 2.9L per 100 kilometers, significantly surpassing other hybrid technologies on the market, including advanced systems from some Japanese brands.

BYD’s Head of Automotive R&D stated:

"We are committed to providing more environmentally friendly and economical travel solutions through technological innovation. The launch of the 5th generation DM-i system marks a significant achievement in our hybrid technology development."


BYD QIN L DM-i (5th Gen)

Outstanding Theoretical and Tested Range

With a 65L fuel tank, BYD’s 5th generation DM-i model can theoretically achieve a range of 2241 kilometers, and real-world tests have confirmed a range exceeding 2100 kilometers. This means drivers can significantly reduce refueling frequency, enjoying longer trips and greater convenience.


BYD QIN L DM-i (5th Gen)

Impact on the Fuel Vehicle Sector

BYD’s 5th generation DM-i system not only represents a major technological breakthrough but also demonstrates significant advantages in practical applications:

  • Ultra-long Range: Achieving a range of over 2000 kilometers for the first time in a fuel vehicle, enhancing usability and economic efficiency.
  • Environmental Benefits: Higher thermal efficiency and lower fuel consumption reduce carbon emissions, contributing to environmental protection.
  • Market Competitiveness: Superior fuel economy and ultra-long range give BYD a significant edge in market competition.

BYD SEAL 06 DM-i (5th Gen)

Looking Ahead

BYD will continue to focus on the development of hybrid and electric vehicle technologies, constantly improving vehicle performance and environmental benefits. The success of the 5th generation DM-i system is just the beginning. We look forward to more technological innovations that drive the automotive industry towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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