Jan 2024: NEV Models with Sales over 10K Units

Here are the sales details in Jan 2024 of each model over 10,000 units

No.1 AITO M7(Huawei Wenjie Series) Sold 29,997 Units in Jan 2024


No.2 Tesla Model Y Sold 29,912 Units in Jan 2024

Tesla Model Y

No.3 BYD Seagull Sold 28,050 Units in Jan 2024

BYD Sealgull

No.4 BYD SONG Plus DM-i Sold 23,787 Units in Jan 2024

BYD Song Plus DM-i

No.5 BYD QING Plus DM-i Sold 20,318 Units in Jan 2024

BYD Qing Plus DM-i

No.6 BYD SONG Pro DM-i Sold 19,952 Units in Jan 2024

BYD Song Pro DM-i

No.7 BYD YUAN Plus(ATTO 3) Sold 16,831 Units in Jan 2024

BYD Yuan Plus (ATTO 3)

No.8 BYD Dolphin Sold 16,386 Units in Jan 2024

BYD Dolphin

No.9 CHANGAN Lumin Sold 16,041 Units in Jan 2024

changan lumin

No.10 WULING RONGGUANG MINI EV Sold 15,520 Units in Jan 2024

wuling mini ev

No.11 LI AUTO L7 Sold 13,343 Units in Jan 2024

Li Auto L7

No.12 WULING BINGUO Sold 11,746 Units in Jan 2024

wuling binguo

No.13 Geely GEOME Sold 11,092 Units in Jan 2024

geely geome

No.14 WULING XINGGUANG PHEV Sold 10,103 Units in Jan 2024

wuling xingguang phev

No.15 GAC AION Y Sold 10,079 Units in Jan 2024


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