Top 5 Cheapest Chinese Electric Vehicles

Top 5 Cheapest Electric Vehicles

What’s the cheapest electric vehicle? Ok, let’s zoom in the most prosperous and biggest EV market-China. China sells more EVs than the rest of world combining together. According to WikiPedia on the Electric Car Use by Country of 2022, the annual sales of was 10.2M while China sold 5.9M. Basing on current data of 2023, China will take one bigger step forward this again on deployment of EVs so as to reduce the CO2 emission.

Here comes the top 5 cheapest electric vehicles from China

Top 5



  • Mileage: 170KM & 215KM
  • Power: 27HP&41HP

Sales Data: Sold 22,985 units in Nov 2023

Price Reference:  CNY2.98-9.99

wuling ronguang mini ev 


Wuling Binguo


  • Mileage: 203KM & 333KM
  • Power: 41HP&68HP

Sales Data: Sold 24,024 in Nov 2023

Price Reference: CNY 5.88-8.88

 wuling binguo ev


Changan Lumin


  • Mileage: 205KM & 301KM
  • Power: 48HP&48HP

Sales Data: Sold 16,671 unis in Nov 2023

Price Reference: CNY 3.99-6.19

 changan lumin ev


QQ Icecream


  • Mileage: 120KM, 170KM & 205KM
  • Power: 27HP, 27HP & 41HP

Sales Data: Sold 9,015 units in Noc 2023

Price Reference: CNY 2.99-5.75

 qq icecream ev


Geely Panda


  • Mileage: 120KM, & 200KM
  • Power: 27HP, & 41HP

Sales Data: Sold 15,188 units in Nov 2023

Price Reference: CNY 2.99-5.39

geely panda mini ev

You can judge by yourself on what's the best cheap EV basing on sales data or price.

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