Latest Tech: >1000KM Mileage with 150KWh Semi-Solid Battery from NIO

>1000KM Mileage with 150KWh Semi-Solid Battery from NIO

According to one posting over  Weibo(Chinese Twitter) of NIO testing engineer, ET7 has broken 1000KM mileage with new semi-solid battery of 150KWh.

NIO ET7 broke 1000KM milage

According to the posted picture above, there are still 30KM mileage to go after reaching the mileage of 1044.2KM, and leaving the power consummation of 100KM at 12.7KWh.

This is a new battery designed by NIO team, new semi-solid battery with the energy density of 360Wh/kg, much higher than CATL's best technology of 255Wh/Kg.

The mileage of electric vehicles has been one of the main concern for vehicle owners for years, and there are huge investment from many companies from all nations. 1000KM mileage is really amazing breaking new so far for this industry, and we are looking forward the time of deploying on NIO cars.

And there will be a livestream hosted by the founder and CEO of NIO on 17 Dec 2023 from 630AM (Beijing Time), let's witness this amazing event together!