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120KW Dual-Gun DC Charging Pile

120KW Dual-Gun DC Charging Pile

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- Suitable for State Grid version 60KW/80KW/90KW/100KW/120KW/160KW/180KW/240KW DC charging pile solutions.

- Suitable for split type charging piles, DC charging pile solutions.

- Compatible with GB/T27930-2015, GB/T27930-2011, Potevio charging protocols.

- Compatible with Huawei, ZTE, Efacec, Engie ERS, Magna-Power etc. charging modules.

- Equipped with complete charging protection functions to prevent overcharging vehicles, ensuring high safety.

- With protection against lightning, leakage, short circuit, overcurrent, overtemperature etc.

- Has protection functions for input under/over voltage, abnormal connection, emergency shutdown etc.

- With industry-leading dual-gun automatic power distribution and switching technology.

- Modular design for flexible configuration, adapting to different voltage and current levels.

- Flexible charging methods, can choose to charge by time, amount, electricity quantity, full auto, or by power (debug mode) etc.

- Flexible and fast installation with wiring, providing multiple networking options (4G, Ethernet).

- High protection rating, able to operate in harsh environments.

- Suitable for residential community charging stations, commercial operating charging stations, highway charging stations, large parking lots, logistics stations etc. for quickly replenishing charge.
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